Well I went to my doctor today for a follow-up on blood work and to get a follow-up on meds and the shingles. Apparently having many cases of chicken pox, strep throat, bronchitis and now shingles is not a normal occurrence and could be indicative of an autoimmune deficiency. So they drew some more blood to check it all out. Luckily my last blood panel looked normal, or within normal ranges at least.

In other news, shingles hurts. Luckily I started to treat it relatively quickly which means hopefully it will be gone sooner rather than later! Which I am totally okay with! :] For very obvious reasons. As long as it doesn’t start to spread more up my back I am okay with this, for now.

Got an appointment set up with a psychiatrist now for this month, as well as mental health therapist. Which is a good thing, since I’ve been procrastinating like mad crazy about getting an appointment set up. UGH! Why can’t my parents be back in my medical stuff and just make the decisions for me on this junk! lol! Part of being a grown-up I guess right?

Made some doggy biscuits this week and sold several dozen, which is awesome! We may actually be able to get a business going! That would be awesome for me! Even if it’s just something small I’m totally okay with that! Its fun to do and the doggies enjoy the taste testing of the cookies 😉

Until next time!


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