I don’t believe many of you are aware, but I was in the hospital for 6 days last week. For those of you who did know and came to see me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supportive and helping me through this hard time in my life.

I went to the ER on Tuesday August 2nd for really bad stomach cramps as I had been having issues with not eating. I had basically been surviving on pretzels and gatorade. Essentially, my body was starting to eat away my muscle mass and I was getting really sick. I was admitted to the Psychology Ward that evening around 11 pm, so I spent 12 hours in the ER.

I was able to start eating again while in the hospital and have even gained 8 pounds since then! Its hard for me to realize that I have a little bit of a stomach now and I am trying my best to eat several meals a day.

I was put on medication for my bi-polar disorder and anxiety and am working through the outpatient program called ADAPT at Southwest Washington Medical Center. It has been a very good transition for me and is teaching me a lot. I still have my up days and my down days, but all and all things are starting to get better.

Bi-polar disorder, or any other mental disorder or illness is not a death sentence, and it can be managed, as well as any sort of eating disorder. I am not afraid to share my experience if it will help anyone else seek out the help that they need, and my be too afraid to ask. The entire staff at SW was wonderful to me, and made me feel like I was important to them. One of my nurses during the day was named Rick. Every morning he would check up on me, smile, and say “I’m glad you’re here today.” It really made me smile, that and he kind of looked like Santa Clause 🙂

Although I will struggle a little bit from time to time, and may need medication adjustments, therapy, etc. I feel better than I have for at least the last year, and its nice to “be back” as Jess and I have said. A big thank you again to all of you who visited, prayed, and helped us through this rough week. We love you all.

Jen and Jess


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