That alone should be enough said. I spent most of the afternoon/evening arguing with the sprint store locally as well as customer service. I didn’t yell or anything just informed them of my frustration.

Jessica got her upgrade and now has the lovely Nexus S which looks like this:

Its a 4G phone and totally awesome! I will eventually be getting the exact same thing. For now I am lucky enough to have my sister in laws old phone the LG Optimus, which is 3G, better than my old phone and looks like this:

Also a great phone, but not the upgraded one that I want 😦 So, after much arguing with the guy at the store he put in a request for early upgrade and told me it would be approved today. Well, it wasn’t. So I argued with customer service, who don’t have access to the systems that they use in the store, SO instead they applied for the higher discount that Jessica receives due to working for REG. YAY! So its something at least. And it could be worse, I could be without a phone completely right?


New Puter!

Well, we got a new computer yesterday! Complete with Windows 7, 1 tb hard drive! YAY! Thanks to Costco it was very affordable, plus we added a bunch of points to our account for the year!

With our new 23″ monitor we can easily play computer games that have been sitting on our shelf for the last year. Plus, the computer has built in wifi! Which rocks! :]

Sadly it didn’t come with speakers so we had to go out and buy them but oh well totally worth it! Eventually I will get a picture of the desk/computer set up!

Now on to the desk set up. Lets just say furniture + us = hell! Jessica LOVES setting up furniture but every time we do it together we end up arguing or something goes wrong. Needless to say, I hate furniture.

Puppy Stars

Our puppy Cairo is now officially 18 weeks old and she is certainly making us earn our puppy stars. (aka causing mischief enough so we earn stars for stuff she does). She chews on everything, like most puppies, and we are still working on the house training (which is SO much harder than it was with our little dog Pippin. But we’ll get there.

She is doing very well in her training classes and is a highly intelligent dog and will do great as Jessica’s service dog! I can’t wait for her to be out of her puppy phase and into her adult dog phase where she isn’t chewing on things so much and is house trained! Things will get much easier after that!

Right now she’s passed out on the floor at my in-laws house. Hopefully she will take a nice little nap for me. If not then we will run around the yard for a while to get some of her energy out! (She loves to tear around their yard and do big circles) I’ll have to post a video sometime its absolutely adorable!

Hello world!

Hello there :]

Welcome to Hartman Hollow where we will explore the comings and goings of the Hartman family (aka my family).

I am the Pacific Northwest soon to be wife of the wonderful Jessica Hartman, and I am VERY excited! Subsequent blog posts will probably include ranting and raving about wedding preparations and pictures of our ever growing puppy Cairo.

For now just sit back and enjoy the adventure.